This is an incredibly powerful blog post written by my creative, smart, thoughtful niece … Rebecca Stead.

“I was crying because your knowledge seemed to have built a wall instead of a bridge.”



Remember that time just a few days ago when you saw me stumble into our teacher’s office, eyes glistening, tears on the brink of causing one giant tsunami to crash down my face? Do you remember? You probably do. Maybe you were confused. Maybe you thought how weak I was. Maybe you thought how unnecessary tears were.

Maybe you simply didn’t understand.

You see, I have a pretty good grasp on why I was crying that day. And, no, our fierce debate on a rather controversial topic did not push me over the edge and, no, it wasn’t a pity party for sad, sorry me either. In fact, it had very little to do with me.

I wasn’t crying for me that day. I was crying for you.

I was crying for all the stories of people  – people just like you and me, also trying to figure out how to…

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