So glad to have found this crew … and love what they did here …

Izwe Lethu

The day came and went. The cars came and went. The smiles and awkward glances came and went. The annoyed looks and angry words came and went. All of it came and went: yet the memory of 1976 and its profound meaning for our present context still remains.

Our peaceful protest began at 10am on 16 June at the traffic circle on uMhlanga Rocks Drive – with signs, songs and smoky clouds scattered about the sky above us. Our aim was disruption: to the numbness surrounding the solemnity of the day, as well as to the convenient forgetting of the pain of the past that has led our nation to breaking-point under the weight of rampant injustice and inequality.

The reality we were all aware of from the start was that our act of disruption was incomparable with the sacrifice and bravery shown by the youth of 1976. The privilege…

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