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Removing a statue from a place of honour is NOT removing or erasing history. It is merely saying that we do not honour this man as he was once ignorantly given places of honour, and before there was a fight for the liberation of the oppression he set in motion. #cannoterasehistory

If one has a western education, one was not told the full story. Just accept that. It is not a criticism of you. It is a fact of history. If you think Cecil John Rhodes was a hero, you have not been exposed to the fuller story. #twistedhistory

Taking money from a country, forcing people of a certain race to work for one for little money and then giving back the money to a trust, does not mean South Africans should be grovelling and grateful. #stolenwealth

Just because the issue was highlighted in a way that you do not understand or respect, does not mean the issue is null and void. #whoflungdung

There is another way of remembering our historic figures without giving them undue honour. We may not have found that way yet, but don’t stop trying and imagining. #thirdway

Rhodes Must Fall Activists who put ‘ONE BULLET, ONE SETTLER’ on your online media notices lose some of your credibility and alienate those descendants of settlers who are part of the justice campaign. #youkiddingme

The old white communist ‘settler’ who works at UCT that you look in the eye and threaten to shoot was part of the fight for the fall of apartheid and played a role in your being at UCT today. This you need to know. #historymatters

Shaka and Rhodes cannot be compared. It is a non-sensical argument and there are no massive groups of people who have been exploited, marginalised and oppressed by Shaka’s systems that remain so today. If you are a historian and sociologist and I am on wrong on this, I would be eager to know more. #shakamustnotfall

Removing the statue that honours systems of oppression does not remove the spirit that the statue represents, but it is a start – albeit a small one. #movingforward

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