11+ years in manenberg – I am learning

Love these reflections from Clare — so much love and respect.

she rambles

I found this in the depths of my ramblings and never shared or maybe I did, but not here. A year a bit later, it rang true today.

10 years ago today I landed into Manenberg with the hopes of making home here. Looking back over journals and blog posts I’m a little embarrassed at my naivety and immaturity, and yet I also love who I was then and the confidence I had in a vision of family. I have been changed and marked by this community and the beautiful souls here, I have grown up faster than I expected, and discovered more about myself than I knew I had within. Here are some things I’ve learned or valued from being here, as the vision of family, deep transforming community unfolds..

1.Building community who feel like family takes time, and usually comes with a healthy mix of warm fuzzies, conflict…

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